Get Beanbags for a Better Sitting and Relaxed Experience of Your Life

Bean bags have not been on the market for ages. Chairs rather have been on the scene since a long time down the history of the ages. Kings and queens used to sit upright on their chairs or thrones as we know it and this kind of sitting posture helped them maintain their bodily functions properly. But sitting upright for a long time can also result in back pains and it is advisable to lie down every once in a while in order to rest the back of your body.

What is the Fatboy?

The Fatboy original is a beanbag produced by the Sitzsack companies. This is a revolutionary chair cum relaxation chair where a person who sits on such a thing will feel relaxed not worrying about their backaches or sitting postures. You can find more information about this on

How are beanbags different from normal chairs?

Sitzsack has been the leading producer and manufacturer of beanbags in for the market. The beanbags are very much different from conventional chairs. This is because, like the chairs, these bags do not contain any kind of leg support.

Unlike chairs, this is not elevated from the ground. This is the reason why anybody who sits on a bean bag feels the coldness of the bag as it absorbs the coldness from the ground. Find more about the features of the original Fatboy on

What are the beanbags filled up with inside?

The beanbags made by these companies make sure that they fill up the insides of the bags with durable material so that it lasts longer. The beanbags are filled with special beads which contain and is made up of different kinds of materials. The beads move about freely I the bag which helps in maintain the blood circulation in the body.

Know more about the product from the official website of Sitzsack.

Want to know more about the price and the features of the original Fatboy? Visit for more information on the product and make your purchase from the official store itself.

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