Essential Questions You Should Ask Your Nannies before Recruiting

As you have decided to recruit a nanny for your kid from a nanny agency like Nannies Plus Us, it is essential to take an interview that will help you assess her attitude.

Here is a step by step guide on how to interview the future nanny of your kid.

Before the interview

  • Shortlist the candidates you would like to interview.
  • Talk to each one of them over the phone and schedule an appointment.
  • Prepare a list of persons who will attend the interview process.
  • Write down the list of questions you will be asking them.
  • Record the interview or take notes that would remind you of each conversation.

Nannies Plus Us

Questions you should ask during the interview

  • How long she has been in the profession
  • Why did she choose it as a profession
  • Which age group she deals in and her experience handling them
  • What’re her views on childcare
  • What’s her education qualifications
  • What kind if activities she will play to engage the kid

Apart from these questions ask her about her personal life and add any other questions you would want to know from her. However, an experienced childcare care service like Nannies Plus Us do thorough background screening before recruiting a nanny to ensure her primary details.

Also, be open to all your requirements and what you expect from her regarding childcare to make the process smooth.

Last but not the least; introduce the potential nanny to your child. See how she mixes with your little one and vice versa. Also, notice how your child reacts to her advances and take decisions accordingly.

Hiring a nanny from professional agencies that includes Nannies Plus Us eliminates all your worries regarding caretaker recruitment. With their specialized training and recruiting method, your interviewing will become a much more comfortable process.

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