Employers’ Action About Drug Abuse on Workplaces

Drug abuse testing is a serious issue because cases of drug abuse are on the rise worldwide day by day. Most influence of drugs is seen in driving cases and on workplaces. Some employment like police and military services have mandatory requirement for drug test because these are sensitive employments where alertness and focus of an employee matter. If an employee is already under the influence of alcohol or some drug while on duty, he or she may not be able to perform well because the brain won’t be in stable condition. So, employers have mandate of drug testing to consider application of job aspirants. Some other employments also require drug test while considering someone for employment in their organization or during course of their regular employment.

drug test

Employers’ action about drug abuse

There are some websites that provide details of sensitive employments and type of drug tests used for screening of employment aspirants or regular employees in certain type of cases. You can visit any of these sites, select the type of information needed, and click here to access the necessary details. Different employments have varied policies pertaining to drug abuse and its screening the information of which can be accesses by switching over to different sites. The best is to look for explicit and written policy that is incorporated in the employment manual. Some employments provide information on their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is specifically designed to teach their employees having alcohol or drug addiction about impact of this problem and its repercussions. The program also helps employees to avoid this addiction. The program is based basically on behavioral problems and other psychological issues relating to drug abuse.


Drug abuse is a critical issue in most employments but drug test is a way to deal with this issue in meticulous way. Some employers also have assistance program for their employees who are facing this problem.



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