Best Electrical Safety Testing by Metrotest Test and Tag Training

Testing of portable electrical appliances is mandatory in Australia and New Zealand the provision for which has been made in the legislation. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a provision contained in the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 and OSH Regulations. OSH which is Occupational Safety and Health is a key aspect of safety on workplaces and PAT is actually meant to deal with this security. Many accidental injuries and deaths are reported every year due to faulty electrical appliances that are used on workplaces. The enactment of this regulation has been successful in reducing these accidents to a great extent. Australia and New Zealand have uniform standard AS/NZS3760/2010 for “In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment”.

Test and Tag

Test and Tag Training

Test and tag is the procedural requirement to periodically test electrical equipments available on specified places and equipments brought to these places from external sources for some specific use. The places where portable equipments are repaired or rented also require testing of portable appliance testing. The testing procedure is carried out by the qualified personnel only who are specially trained for electrical testing. The training facility for this testing is offered in designated places. Metrotest Test and Tag Training is recognized throughout in Australia and New Zealand. There are very few places that offer this training because reliability of training is very important in imparting Test and Tag training. There are different types of training course for freshers, testers, and electricians that are conducted in these institutes.

Metrotest Test and Tag Training

Metrotest Test and Tag Training is a specialized training offered by the professional and includes all practical aspects of Test and Tag to understand it in better way. The trainers are offered special certificate after completion of the training. This offers a great opportunity to Metrotest trainers to get position as Test and Tag testers. This also offers great opportunity to grow in this field with every successive year of experience.

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